ImPACT East Idaho is driven to help transform the lives of people in our region. 

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We are 110% committed to improve the success of students and enrich the talent pipeline in the seven southeastern counties of Idaho.  We recognize that the economic competitiveness and social well-being of Southeastern Idaho is heavily dependent upon the educational attainment and workforce readiness of our citizens.  Our efforts aim for a significant gain in educational attainment and a region-wide culture shift that moves community members out of the cycle of generational poverty.

There are five key impact areas we are focused on, two of which are Kindergarten Readiness and Postsecondary Completion.  We realize the importance having the fundamental skills to succeed in kindergarten plays in a child’s future schooling.  Further, we desire to help those who are preparing to graduate from high school and have already graduated to be exposed to the wide variety of educational and career opportunities that exist in this region.

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